Saturday 17 August 2013

Carnivore RDA Chart, The End of A Long Road

Amino Acids:
NutrientUnitUSDA RDAcRDANPCD*Recommended Foods
Total Proteing/kg0.8 (54.5g/150lbs)1.2/lean
(1.78g/kg lean)

13,700mgGlycine: gelatin
Serine: muscle meat
Methionine mg/kg10.4 (708mg/150lbs)30 (2,088mg/150lbs)2,180mgEgg yolks

NutrientUnitUSDA RDAcRDANPCD*Recommended Foods
Vit AIU3,00010,00010,927Liver, egg yolks, dairy fats, cod liver oil
Vit B1mg1.20.50.52Pork meat, pork heart, lamb kidneys
Vit B2mg1.3N/A3.10Liver, kidneys, heart, egg yolks, meat
Vit B3mg16N/A25Liver, fish, kidneys, heart, tongue, meat, egg yolks
Vit B5mg5N/A7.47Liver, kidneys, egg yolks, heart
Vit B6mg1.30.016mg/g protein
(1.6mg/100g protein)
(0.0171mg/g protein)
Liver, kidneys, tongue, heart, meat
Folateug400~200191Liver especially poultry, egg yolks
Vit B12ug2.412+27Liver, kidneys, meat, egg yolks
Biotinug3030+50 (estimate)Egg yolks, liver
Cholinemg550~550534Egg yolks, liver, meat
Vit Cmg90017 (when raw)Raw organs, but none strictly needed
Vit DIU200Use blood levels469Oily fish, pastured lard; sunlight.
Vit D should always be eaten/
supplemented based on blood levels
Vit Emg150.65mg/g PUFA5.60
(0.67mg/g PUFA)
Grass-fed fats/yolks/dairy has more,
though plenty in grain-fed
Vit K1ug120053None needed with sufficient K2
Vit K2ugN/A80?70.3-86.6+ (estimate)Grass-fed fats/yolks/dairy has more,
though plenty in grain-fed; supplement
1mg every 2 weeks if paranoid

NutrientUnitUSDA RDAcRDANPCD*Recommended Foods
(WAPF: 680)
min: 200-300
558Bone broth, egg shells,
fish with bones
(WAPF: 1,300)
8781,149Protein-rich foods, bones
Magnesiummg420420 ideally,
~170 minimally
418Supplement 300mg citrate
Potassiummg4,7002-3,0002,567Losalt, meat (juices
from cooked meat very rich)
Sodiummg1,5003-5,0003,946Salt, meat (juices
from cooked meat very rich)
Copperug9001-2.41.28Liver, kidneys, heart
Zincmg1112-2915.40Muscle meat
Seleniumug55~200194Pork, kidneys (pork best)
Manganesemg2.311.24Spices, tea
Ironmg181820Liver, heart, muscle meat
Iodineug1501,000-3,000Without seaweed: ~600
With seaweed: ~3,115
Shellfish, fish, sea weed
Molybdenumug4560?+70.5+ (estimate)Liver
Chromiumug25-3550-200260+ (estimate)Liver

* Nutritionally Perfect cRDA Carnivore Diet:
10oz 30% fat beef/lamb (~284g)
80g beef/lamb tallow
2oz mackerel (~57g) [or 75g salmon or 40g sardines or 5g/week DHA fish oil]
1 2/3oz pork liver (~47g)
1 1/4oz pork kidney (~43g)
2 large eggs

3tbsp gelatin powder (or equiv from feet/hooves, skin, heads, tails, ears, cartilage), and
~1 cup bone broth (alt: egg shells)

2g potassium salt
9.5g sodium salt (unrefined sea salt recommended for ultra-trace minerals)

Technically plant foods:
1/2tsp tea or other manganese-rich spices (or alternatively shellfish such as mussels)
1g  kelp/kombu flakes, for iodine (or shellfish)

300mg magnesium citrate

~2100 calories, 97g protein (20% of calories), 2.3g carbohydrates (<1%), 184g fat (80%).

Ratios, etc.:
Calcium:Phosphorus = 0.49 (WAPF ideal 0.52)
Zinc:Copper = 12.0 (ideal ~12)
Potassium:Sodium = 0.65 (ideal ~0.6-0.66)
Omega-6:omega-3 = 2.6 (ideal <2, good <4)
Saturated:Mono-unsaturated = 1 (ideal ~1)
Poly-unsaturated = 3.6% of calories (ideal ≤4%)

- - - - - - - - - -

Less salts:
Using no potassium salt and only 3.5g salt maintains the potassium:sodium ratio at a lower total level of these minerals. This should be fine for those who've been on a ketogenic diet for a while rather than those just starting.

Cod liver oil:
Substitute 4.5ml cod liver oil for the pork liver and use 3g beef liver or 4g lamb liver for the copper.


  1. This might be a stupid question, but I have to ask: are these numbers based on COOKED meats, or raw?

    I've been dabbling a little in the NDB on proteins for my kidney-compromised cat, and I've been quite startled at the difference between nutrition levels of raw vs. cooked meat, and it seems nearly all is lost when the meat is cooked.

    1. Cats need raw meat, humans are do fine on either.

  2. Hello, first post - your site is great. This is great info, thanks

    Rob Cosimo

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  4. I would like to ask the same question as this chart based on cooked or raw meat and the mangnesium citrate supplement, what kind brand do you buy?

    1. The numbers are based on measuring raw meat, but cooked meat is fine to consume. I buy NOW brand magnesium citrate powder in the big tubs.

    2. So you eat a raw meat diet?

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