Nutritionally Perfect Carnivore Diet, Version 2 (carnivoreRDAs)

Weekly shopping list:
70oz 30% fat beef/lamb (~1988g)
560g beef/lamb tallow
14oz mackerel (~400g) [or 525g salmon or 280g sardines or 35g/week DHA fish oil]
11 2/3oz pork liver (~329g)
8 3/4oz pork kidney (~301g)
14 large eggs

21tbsp gelatin powder (or equiv from feet/hooves, skin, heads, tails, ears, cartilage), and
~7 cup bone broth (alt: egg shells)

14g potassium salt
66.5g sodium salt (unrefined sea salt recommended for ultra-trace minerals)

Technically plant foods:
3 1/2tsp tea or other manganese-rich spices (or alternatively shellfish such as mussels)
7g  kelp/kombu flakes, for iodine (or shellfish)

21 x 100mg magnesium citrate

~2100 calories, 97g protein (20% of calories), 2.3g carbohydrates (<1%), 184g fat (80%).

Ratios, etc.:
Calcium:Phosphorus = 0.49 (WAPF ideal 0.52)
Zinc:Copper = 12.0 (ideal ~12)
Potassium:Sodium = 0.65 (ideal ~0.6-0.66)
Omega-6:omega-3 = 2.6 (ideal <2, good <4)
Saturated:Mono-unsaturated = 1 (ideal ~1)
Poly-unsaturated = 3.6% of calories (ideal ≤4%)

- - - - - - - - - -

Less salts:
Using no potassium salt and only 3.5g salt maintains the potassium:sodium ratio at a lower total level of these minerals. This should be fine for those who've been on a ketogenic diet for a while rather than those just starting.

Cod liver oil:
Substitute 4.5ml cod liver oil for the pork liver and use 3g beef liver or 4g lamb liver for the copper.

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