Thursday, 29 November 2012

Blocking People With Whom You Disagree Is More Than Pathetic

Today on facebook a member of the zero carb community posted to their wall a video (link), saying that the wolves didn't eat the organs, just the meat and fat. When my good friend Danny Albers and I commented to say that the organs clearly had been eaten, even the guts, and that even the filmer mentions that the carcass is "mostly eaten empty", what should happen but our comments removed and both of us banned from his facebook.

This is more than pathetic, it is pure cowardice!

Seriously, this isn't even about what the wolf did or did not eat, this is about freedom of speech and freedom of opinion.

In this day and age of modern communications, we are always going to find people with whom we disagree, but that's no reason to block them. Sure if they're being a menace or trolling you, then fine, but a couple of comments saying you don't agree is nothing!

Do you know who else deletes comments and blocks peoples for posting differing views? DurianRider, fruitarian and leader of the heavily censored site (check out for more on that). This is why I place in my mind many zero carbers and fruitarians in the same category, they both are deluded and can't take criticism, well not even criticism, a couple of comments!

Is it any wonder I have no respect for the zero carb community when they pull stunts like this?

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  1. There's a big difference between eating almost no carbs (no veg/fruit), and the extreme of eating only meat (muscle) and fat with little salt.

    I think some of the ZC'ers get defensive due to so many people repeating the 'not eating vegetables&fruit will kill you' nonsense. Of course, the opposite extreme is just as silly. I don't think a long-term diet of just muscle meat and fat is likely a great idea, but I'm open to be shown wrong.