Saturday, 24 December 2011

Current Diet

Fatty meat, fish, eggs
Raw/fermented A2 dairy
Grains, legumes, nuts/seeds
Bone broth, fermented veg
Dairy fats, root veg
Processed foods
Herbs & spices
Tubers, rice, coconut
Fruit, other veg

My primary focus is on avoidance of toxic foods (listed in 'no' column), and working on improving my digestion. I'm still experimenting with my diet in regards to digestion (highlight to see possible TMI: constipation)

I generally eat 8-16oz of meat/fish a day (meat is mostly beef, some lamb; fish is pollock and mackerel), three eggs a day six days a week (18/week), I make broth from bones and a source of gelatine (skin or feet usually) and add 1/4 cup to my meat daily. I eat ~1/2 cup of sauerkraut before my meat. Herbs and spices include garlic, oregano if meat, or parsley if fish, and turmeric. I'll also eat a small amount of onion roughly every other day, carrots once a week, and peeled potatoes or white rice once or twice a week. I will usually cook my pollock in cream and creamed coconut.

I do not eat grains, legumes, nuts or seeds for the following reasons: gluten, lectins, phytic acid, and excessive fibre. I avoid processed food because it's nutritionally poor, has trans-fats, etc. I don't eat fruit because I only like very-ripe bananas; I may only crave them infrequently but it takes forever to ripen store-bought bananas until I like them and by then the craving is gone. I'm not eating other vegetables (other than root vegetables) because of low nutritional density, fibre, and possible phytotoxins; root vegetables do not need to protect themselves from predators the same way and thorough cooking destroys all their defences against being eaten.

Added to water/food
Multivit (ABCplus)
Magnesium 300mg+
K2 1mg
Vit D3 5,000IU
Iodine 10mg
B6 50mg
Retinol 8,000IU
Losalt 1.5 tsp
When ill
Selenium 100ug
Salt, to taste
Zinc 25mg
Chromium 200ug
Every 4 days
Vit D3 x20
DHA fish oil 1 gram
Copper 2mg
Vit C, til you poop

I also take a probiotic on waking, 20 billion active cultures of 10 species which includes some inulin for them to eat. [But it didn't fit neatly into my table :(  ]

This may seem like a lot of supplements, but it's insurance of optimum nutrition, and will most certainly continue to take them while my digestion is poor.

You may notice I don't eat any organs although I recommend their consumption The reason? I don't like them... So instead, I supplement retinol (vitamin A) and copper to replace mammal liver, selenium instead of kidney, and folate is included in my multivitamin rather than chicken liver. The multivitamin also includes lots trace minerals that organs would supply.

Other supplements I take that I've not recommended before are:
·        Chromium: recommended by Paul Jaminet of PerfectHealthDiet.
·        DHA fish oil: because I only actually eat <100g of mackerel a week, and being of Viking decent most likely can't convert ALA to EPA and DHA very well (and those who do it well only manage <1% ALA to DHA anyway).
·        Vitamin K2: probably not needed as it's in sauerkraut though.
·        B6: because I find it really helps with menstrual cramps and moodiness; I was also on the pill (which depletes B6) for my entire teenage years so trying to restock.

The supplements I take when ill*, I recommend for everyone. Vitamin C should be taken at 1 gram of pure ascorbic acid powder once per hour until 'bowel tolerance' (which means until it flushes your bowel; ie 'til you poop'), then taken at just under that amount until all better. Zinc should be taken as soon as possible, as it only helps within the first day or so. The huge amount of vitamin D3 really boosts the natural immune system temporarily; don't worry about toxicity, as your body needs it.

* Though since changing my diet, I gotten ill a lot less. Right now my mum has had a cold for nearly a month (and she won't take what I recommend!), and everyone else around me is coughing and sneezing away; I've had only the tiniest sniffles (not even blocked nose) but only when out and I let my nose get cold for too long. In addition, I've not had to take my 'when ill' regime since starting the other supplements properly.


  1. Very good breakdown, very useful information to extract here, but you have helped me get my suppliments in order ^^

  2. Hi,

    What is your rationale behind not eating fruits nor veggies while we know many supercentenarians eats them (some of them even are vegetarians)?